Let the experts be the experts.

Release your team from the cumbersome management, monitoring, and standardization of third-party files, and let BrightScope carry the burden and deliver a single, consolidated export for consumption either in the easy-to-use Beacon UI or a single file.

Better data + advanced technology = superior business intelligence.

Elevate data quality and value to unprecedented levels with BrightScope's automated algorithms, manual intervention, and data augmentation technologies and deliver superior business intelligence and analytics across your organization.


Let the data drive the decisions.

Help business users make the right decisions faster with best-in-class data visualization that combines customizable dashboards, intuitive business intelligence, and on-demand analytics into one, easy-to-use interface.



Harmonize data management while maximizing the ROI of current data investments by seamlessly integrating all data sources into a single version of truth.



Leverage automated matching algorithms accompanied by manual data stewardship for exceptional mapping resolution at the correct advisor, partnership, team, and CRD levels.



Deliver a complete, cross-channel data set to management, distribution, marketing, and financial teams for instant usability and scalability.



Provide cross-channel reporting for any plan, advisor, provider, fund, or asset manager without requiring any additional integration on your part.



Become a technology frontrunner by leveraging agile development methodologies and Amazon Web Services to deliver rapid response to future firm requirements as well as evolving industry trends.


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