Beacon Sales Reporting

Build more powerful pipelines, improve compensation efforts, and bring maximum transparency to your team with BrightScope Beacon's Sales Reporting solution. This advanced sales reporting solution helps distribution teams identify, nurture and close opportunities faster by transforming sales efforts from reactive to proactive.

Build stronger synergies across channels.

Maximize the value of a single, integrated sales reporting solution across the Retail, RIA, and DCIO channels. Beacon's agile Sales Reporting platform brings together key files such as recordkeeping sales reporting, sub-accounting, internal, transfer agent, and third-party data sets to deliver a cloud-based, mobile-friendly dashboard accessible when, where, and how you need it.

DCIO Sales Reporting

Leveraging BrightScope's comprehensive, automated file processing technology, distribution, operations, and product teams can convert sales data from a wide variety of recordkeepers and disparate formats into actionable intelligence by specific criteria such as territory, advisor, product, asset class, or platform.

RIA Sales Reporting

BrightScope streamlines the processing of custodial reports, and provides immediate and actionable insight at every level of the RIA transaction and firm detail. Uncover client identities, understand how they utilize your products, and leverage a single, cohesive view of your custodial sales data in BrightScope's data feed.

Retail Sales Reporting

By matching trading aliases to transactions and assets, BrightScope's Retail Sales Reporting solution eliminates the cumbersome flip-flop between CRM, spreadsheets and third-party data websites and delivers immediate and actionable reporting at every level of your distribution network in a powerful, modern interface.

Achieve high-value interactions more efficiently.

Beacon's agile Sales Reporting platform brings together key intelligence from all of your partners to deliver a mobile-friendly dashboard to guide your sales efforts.


Trended Sales

Know which products an advisor is using today, track how utilization has changed over time, and analyze trends year-over-year or quarter-over-quarter to craft a tailored message for every interaction.


Access BrightScope's single, cleansed version of truth to identify large trades, new advisors, and cross-sell opportunities. Regular updates keep your team well-equipped and ahead of the curve with up-to-date and actionable information.

Intuitive, Customizable

Easily create and organize charts and tables revealing insights across a variety of metrics and dimensions to create dashboards that provide a top-level understanding of your business and allow you to delve deeper.

Let your sales data work for you.

Make better sales decisions with cross-channel reporting that converts messy data into actionable insights for every part of your organization.



Utilize BrightScope's market intelligence in conjunction with your sales data to better understand your business.


BI &

BrightScope's intuitive sales dashboard integrates data across all channels and territories.



Analyze how sales evolve at every level of production, from advisor to firm to product on up to platform or even territory.



Integrate BrightScope's sales data for each advisor and firm into your CRM and give your team on-demand insights at their the fingertips.



BrightScope's sales reporting feeds provide a single, cleansed data source for integration into your data warehouse and downstream systems.


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