The NEXUS network began as the industry’s first data network in the DC marketplace. Due to phenomenal growth, the NEXUS network has since expanded into the RIA marketplace giving members the best view into the advisor-sold DC and wealth management marketplace.

Move beyond public data.

Move beyond the limitations of public and internal data and gain unparalleled visibility to advisor-to-plan relationships and market share analysis across advisors, branches, teams, RIAs, and broker-dealers.


NEXUS DC provides the most complete view of an advisor’s book of DC business. Achieve far more accurate segmentation, understand an advisor’s plan business, and gain insights into your market share.


NEXUS RIA extends BrightScope’s NEXUS network to cover the RIA and bank trust channels. Built from a proprietary combination of member data, public data, and BrightScope’s RIA segmentation, NEXUS RIA delivers the most complete view of an RIA’s or bank trust’s assets and flows.

Trended insights at the asset class and fund category levels.

Trended, 12-month analysis reveals growth as well as areas in need of defensive strategies. Strategically assess assets and inflows at the boarder asset class level or dive deeper into the fund category level to not only calculate market share, but more importantly, act on it.


Define Market Share

Identify quality opportunities by assessing your market share for both flows and assets by category at the individual advisor level. Easily identify and qualify relationships with accommodators to broaden your relationship.

Support Compensation

Score penetration rates across territories, within focus firms, and at the individual advisor level. Reward the wholesalers who are significantly growing your footprint with top advisors.

Improve Segmentation

Target the right firms with the right message with better defined opportunities and exclusive insights into which firms drive the most flows over time. Ensure you know the top advisors within each territory.

Drive your firm forward with actionable intelligence.

Utilize NEXUS data to boost your sales efforts with BrightScope data supporting your entire organization.



Boost your understanding of the nature of an advisor's book of business with the NEXUS network's category level flows and assets intelligence.


BI &

Utilize BrightScope's intuitive search and reporting capabilities to identify prospects and put the essential data into the hands of your sales team on any device.



Identify key opportunities down to the category level for each advisor and easily understand how the nature of the advisor's book has changed over time.



Place the market segment and key market share metrics for each advisor and team at the fingertips of your wholesalers by integrating the data into CRM.



Leverage the NEXUS data more holistically by integrating BrightScope's comprehensive NEXUS data feeds into your data warehouse for easy use in downstream systems.


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