An RIA is not an RIA is not an RIA.

No two RIAs are alike. So why is your approach the same? Change the way you interact with RIAs with daily updates, enhanced categorization, and segmentation details. Easily target specific opportunities, identify influential contacts, and define appropriate service models and become a leader in this expanding marketplace.

All sales data in one platform.

Gain a clear, comprehensive view of all custodial sales data. Uncover client identities, better understand how they utilize your product, and identify the next opportunity to grow your business.


What is your client IQ?

Your clients expect you to know them, but do you? Become an RIA expert with daily, weekly, or monthly updates into RIA sales performance and transactions. Quickly identify who is purchasing your funds, how to connect with them, and what funds to promote to escalate sales. Equip your team with unprecedented insights into omnibus accounts and help them become the marketplace authority.

Solutions for every role.


Build and strengthen powerful pipelines with up-to-date information for any plan, advisor, provider, fund, or asset manager across any channel.


Consolidate all data affecting your bottom line, and enable your team to see not only what's happening today, but proactively address what lies ahead.

IT/Data Management

Harmonize data management while maximizing the ROI of current data investments by seamlessly integrating all data sources into a single version of truth.


Bridge operational silos and improve collaboration with decisions makers with consolidated operational and customer data from every corner of the organization.


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